How to Block Globe at Home Wi-Fi User

If you are using your Globe at Home and you are noticing that your internet connection is not as fast as before, then, someone might be connected on your Wi-Fi. Maybe, the user was able to sneak on the Wi-Fi password located below your device. Other reason, is that your neighbor is a genius and knows how to hack your Wi-Fi password. Or maybe, when you are gone, the anonymous Wi-Fi user was able to ask permission to your mother to connect on your Wi-Fi for emergency purposes.

Whatever the reasons maybe, you can do two things about mobile phones or other devices that can connect to your Wi-Fi without asking for permission. First, if the user is just a member of your family or close relative, then, you can just limit their internet download and upload speed while they are using your Wi-Fi. And second, if the user is not even within your family, then, you can block the device of the user by blocking it MAC Address. And that's what we are going to do for this tutorial.

You can do this tutorial using your mobile phone or your pc. And without further ado, let's start.

Here are the steps on how to block Globe at Home Wi-Fi unknown or anonymous user

1. Open Chrome app on your mobile or Google Chrome on your pc. In the address bar type Press ENTER to proceed.

go to 192.168 254.254

2. Find and click on Log in. It is located near the upper-right corner of your screen.

log in as user on your globe at home wi-fi

3. Login on your Globe at Home Wi-Fi device using these credentials. Username is user and password is @l03e1t3 (that's @ small letter L, zero, 3, e, number 1, small T and 3). Press Login button to proceed.

globe at home username user password @l03e1t3

4. Inside, find and click on Device Settings.

globe at home device settings

5. Under Device Settings, click Connected Devices.

globe at home connected devices

6. And Under Wireless Access Device, you will see there the list of all the connected mobile phone and devices on your Globe at Home Wi-Fi. Copy the MAC Address of the device that you want to block.

globe at home wireless connected devices mac address

7. Now, go back to Device Settings.

globe at home device settings

8. Under Device Settings, click Wi-Fi Settings.

globe at home wi-fi settings

9. Under Wi-Fi Settings, press MAC Filter.

globe at home mac filter

10. And under MAC Filter do the following: For MAC Filter Format select Black List. Paste below it the MAC address of the device that you want to block.

globe at home black list mac address

11. Tap Apply to save your MAC Filter settings.

apply mac address black listing of device in globe at home wi-fi

12. You will then see under the Black List the blocked MAC Filter of the user that you wanted to blacklist on your Globe at Home Wi-Fi. Unless you delete the MAC Address, this user won't be able to connect on your Wi-Fi now.

wireless device connected to globe at home wi-fi black listed

Done! You just successfully kicked out someone using your Globe at Home internet without permission.

And please, do not block your own brother or sister if they are using your Wi-Fi and you do not like them to do. Re-consider for them and instead of blocking, just limit their internet download and upload speed using this tutorial: How to limit download/upload speed of Globe at Home

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