How to cancel Pre approved Payment on PayPal App

It is very important to cancel your pre approved payment (also known as Automatic Payment now) in PayPal to avoid future unnecessary charges to your account in the future. Any linked bank, credit or debit card will be auto-debited if auto-payment is not disabled.

For this post, I will show you how to cancel these payments using your android phone. You do not need to use the PayPal app. But, we are going to open our PayPal account using our internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge). And without further ado, let's start.

Here are the steps on how to cancel pre approved payment on PayPal account using android phone

1. Open your internet browser in your phone. For this tutorial, I will be using Google Chrome. Go to PayPal and sign in your account. Enter your registered-PayPal email address and your password. When done, press the Log In button to proceed.

login paypal account mobile

2. Inside, click the 3 horizontal lines located at the upper-left corner of your screen.

paypal account menu adroid

3. In the menu that will appear, tap on the gear icon to access your PayPal account Settings.

paypal account settings adroid

4. In the page that will appear, swipe the tab menu from right to left until you find the Payments menu. Tap on it to proceed.

paypal account payment setting adroid

5. Under Payments, press the Manage automatic payments button.

manage automatic payments paypal account adroid

6. Now, inside Automatic Payments, tap on the radio button of Show active. You will see the list of your PayPal account's pre approved payments. Tap the one that you want to cancel.

active pre approved payments paypal account adroid

7. Under Status, you will see there the Active and Cancel. Tap on the Cancel button to cancel your auto-payment for that particular seller or vendor.

cancel pre approved payment paypal account adroid

8. PayPal will confirm if you really want to cancel the pre approved payment. Press on the Cancel Automatic Payments button to confirm.

confirm cacellation of pre approved payments paypal account android

9. And you just cancelled the auto-payment. Press the Done button to exit.

successfully removed pre approved payment paypal account android

10. You will now see that the vendor or seller is now removed on the Active list of your pre approved payments. 

all pre approved payment cancelled paypal account android

11. All cancelled payments are now inside the Inactive page.

all cancelled pre approved payment in paypal account is now inacrtive

Done! This tutorial was done using my android phone. But the same steps can be applied using your pc or laptop. If you have question, leave a comment below. Cheers!

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