How to download Facebook video on android

For this post, I will show you how to easily download any Facebook videos on your android phone. The same steps applied for laptop or pc users. You do not need to install any app to be able to download the video, all you need is the link of the video and you are ready to go. And that is what we are going to do for this tutorial.

So, without further ado, let's start this tutorial.

Here are the steps on how to download Facebook video using your android phone

1. Open your Facebook app (Lite) and find the video that you wanted to download. Play the video. While it is playing, press on the 3 dots located near the title of the video (see image below).

facebook video settings menu

2. In the menu that will appear, press on "Copy link."

copy link of facebook video

3. A toast message saying "Link to post copied to clipboard" will appear.

facebook video link successfully copied

4. Leave your Facebook app and open Chrome app.

open chome app

5. In the address bar, type "fbdown net" and press ENTER.

search for

6. In the search results, press the website link.

press website link

7. Inside the, paste the Facebook video copied URL and then press Download button to proceed.

paste copied facebook video url on

8. Wait for the processing to be completed. When done, scroll down a bit to the available download links for your Facebook video. You can download its Normal or HD quality. If you are saving your mobile data, then choose Normal quality. For this tutorial, I am downloading the HD one.

download facebook video in hd quality on

9. If an advertisement appears, just press the X button to proceed.

close google ads

10. And your Facebook video is now downloading. Wait for it to finish.

facebook video is currently downloading

11. When done downloading, go to File Manager.

file manager android

12. Open Videos folder.

android video folder

13. Find and press the video that you just downloaded.

browse downloaded facebook video on android download folder

14. Done! You have successfully downloaded and played your Facebook video about the app using your android video player.

facebook video playing directly using android video player

If you have question, you can leave a comment below. Thank you for reading this post guys. Cheers!

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