How to fix the file format is not supported pdf android

If you downloaded or copied a file from a source to your android phone and tried opening it but you see an error message saying "File format not supported" then, you have come to the right place to solve this problem.

file format not supported pdf file android

Not all android phones has default installed PDF reader app. Most of them do not have one. So for this post, that's all what we are going to do, download and install a PDF reader. There are many available free apps in Google Play Store though. So, without further ado, let's start.

Here are the steps on how to fix "File format not supported" PDF on your android phone

1. On your android phone, tap on Play Store.

google play store android

2. Inside Play Store, press "search for apps & games."

play store search for apps and games

3. In the search field, type "pdf reader" and press ENTER.

pdf reader search play store apps

4. Select any pdf reader app that you want. For this tutorial, I selected PDF Reader: Read all PDF files. It has the rating of 4.7 stars which is quite high and an apk file size of 19 mb.

select pdf reader read all pdf app on google play store to install

5. Inside the PDF reader app page, press the Install button.

install selected app pdf reader via google play store

6. Wait for the app to finish downloading as well as installing.

pdf reader is now downloading and will install later

7. When done installing, do not open the app. Just close Play Store. Now, go to File Manager.

android file manager

8. Inside File Manager, you can open the Document or the Downloads folder.

android document and download folders

9. Locate your PDF file that you cannot open and try opening it now.

browse the pdf file that you want to open on your android

10. The pdf reader app will now do its job by opening your desired pdf file. But before it be open your file, you need to give it permission to manage your android files. Just press Allow to confirm.

allow pdf reader app to manage your files

11. You also need to give it permission to access your android photos, media, and files. Just press Allow again to confirm.

allow pdf file reader app to access your android files

12. Done! You just successfully fixed the "file format not supported" while opening your pdf file on your android phone.

pdf file opened successfully

Thank you for reading this simple tutorial guys! If you find this helpful, you can share it to your friends also. If you have question, you can leave a comment below. Cheers!

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