How to Fill W-8BEN & W9 Form Non Us person on Upwork

Upwork says that in order to withdraw earnings, you need to complete a W8BEN Foreign Status Certification (or W-8BEN for short) and a W9 Form if you are a non US person.

And for this post I will show you how to easily fill up or complete these two forms inside your Upwork account, so that when you receive a payment from a finished contract or job, you are ready to get your money through your added Payment Method.

And without further ado, let's start this tutorial.

Here are the steps on how to fill W-8BEN and W9 Forms for Non US Person on your Upwork account

1. Login and open your Upwork account. Inside, click your Profile picture and in the dropdown menu, click on Settings.

upwork account settings

2. Under User Settings, click on Get Paid.

upwork user settings get paid

3. You will see on the top of Get Paid a notification to fill up your W8BEN and W9 Form. Click the W8BEN Foreign Status Certification link.

w8ben foreign status certification upwork link

4. Under Tax Information, click the + button.

add tax residence upwork tax information

5. For the Tax Residence, you will need to fill up the fields for your Country, Address, City, and Postal code. You can also click the "Use my profile address" to auto-fill up your form. When done, click the Save button.

fill up address tax residence upwork

6. In the Updating your Tax address, just press the Update button to confirm.

confirm updating tax address upwork

7. And there you have it! You now have the needed details for Tax Residence.

tax residence address completed upwork

8. Next, in the W-8BEN click the Edit/Pencil button.

fill up w-8ben upwork non us citizen

9. Under "To collect the right information, indicate if you are a U.S. person:" select bpan_IAmNotAUSPerson_78. Type your name under Legal Name of Taxpayer. And check the certify statement. When done, click the Save button to save your W-8BEN form.

fill up done w-8ben upwork non us person name taxpayer

10. Done! You have successfully completed your W-8BEN form as a non-US person.

w-8ben form completed upwork

11. You will receive these notifications from Upwork. "Tax residence was successfully saved." and "Thank you for submitting your W-8BEN information. Your account is now eligible for disbursements."

notification for successful fill up of w-8ben w9form non us person upwork

12.If you have question, you can leave a comment below. Thanks!

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