How to Buy Load FB10 using *123#, GCash, Maya, Shopee

For this post, I will show you how to load FB10 using *123#, GCash, Maya Wallet (PayMaya), and Shopee (ShopeePay). This is going to be a 4-part tutorials.

But before anything else, let's discuss the FB10 promo first.

Promo details:

FB10 on *123# & ShopeePay

  • Validity: 3 days
  • 200mb Facebook daily (600 mb total)
  • Worth P10.00

FB10 on GCash & Maya

  • Validity: 3 days
  • 1gb FB araw-araw (daily)
  • Worth P10.00

So without further ado, let' start this tutorial.

Here are the steps on how to load FB10 using *123#, GCash, Maya and Shopee

How to load FB10 using *123#

1. Open your Phone app.

phone app android

2. Press the Dial icon.

dial icon phone app android

3. Dial the USSD code *123#.

dial *123# for USSD menu

4. In the menu that will appear, find ALLNET:OTH. Type its designated number and press Send.

select allnet ussd menu

5. In the next menu, find FB, ML, TikTok. Get and enter its number in the space provided and press Send again.

select fb, ml, tiktok ussd menu

6. In the next menu, find FB. Get its number and type it again in the space provided. Press Send to confirm.

select fb ussd menu

7. In the next menu, get the number of 200 MB ARAW-ARAW, 3 Days, P10 and type it on the space. Press Send again to proceed.

select 200 mb araw araw 3 days p10 fb ussd menu

8. In the next menu find type 1 to Subscribe to FB10 promo. Done!

subscribe to fb10 ussd menu

How to load FB10 using GCash

1. Open and login your GCash app. Inside, press Load.

gcash buy load

2. Under the Mobile tab, in the Buy Mobile Load, select TNT. In the Buy Load for, type the FB10 recipient number. Press NEXT to proceed.

gcash select telco buy load for

3. GCash wants to make sure the details you just entered are correct. Press "Yes, proceed" to confirm.

gcash telco buy load for review details

4. Under Mobile Load, press Surf. Find and press FB 10. Press Buy Now to proceed.

fb10 gcash tnt load promo

5. Under Cashier, review your details again. When done, press "Pay PHP 10.00" to continue. Done!

pay 10 pesos fb10 gcash buy load promo

How to load FB10 using Maya Wallet

1. Open and login your Maya wallet. Inside, press Load.

maya buy load

2. Inside Shop, press Load tab then press TNT.

maya shop select telco to buy load

3. Again find and press FB 10 promo when you already see it.

maya buy load fb10 1 gb fb daily

4. Under Buy, type the FB10 recipient mobile number. Press NEXT to proceed. 

enter fb10 recipient number

5. In the Confirm purchase, just slide the arrow button to buy the FB10 promo

confirm purchase fb10 maya

6. Done! You have purchased FB10 promo load using Maya.

successfully purchased fb10 using maya

How to load FB10 using ShopeePay

1. Open and login your Shopee account. Inside, press Load, Bills & Travel.

shopee load bills travel

2. Under Top Up, press Buy Promo.

shopee buy promo

3. In the Select Telco, press TNT.

shopee telco tnt

4. In Mobile Data, type the FB 10 recipient mobile number.

input tnt number

5. Scroll down until you find FB 10. Select it when you already find it. Press Checkout button to proceed.

find and select tnt fb 10 under mobile data shopee buy promo

6. Under Checkout, in the Payment Option, you should use ShopeePay. If you have available coins, you can also use it to get discount. When done, press Pay Now to proceed. (Note: Your ShopeePay must have balance to be able to purchase FB10)

payment option shopeepay buy promo

7. Enter your ShopeePay 6-digit PIN.

enter shopeepay 6 digit pin

8. Done! You just paid P10 and purchased FB10 load promo using Shopee. To know more about the transaction, you may press "View Order Details."

Done! You have successfully purchased TNT FB10 using different methods on this tutorial. Thank you for reading this post guys.

If you have question, you can leave a comment below. Cheers!

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