How to install CMSimple in XAMPP Windows 11

This is my second post on CMS Installation Tutorial Series that I am currently posting here on my blog. And for this post I will be showing you how to easily install CMSimple version 5.8 in XAMPP using your Windows 11 pc.

CMSimple is a free content management system. It aims to be simple, small and fast. As it is written in PHP it runs on Linux/Apache servers, or on Win32 with Apache or IIS. CMSimple is licensed under the terms of the GPL3.[source]

This cool CMS was developed by Preben Bjorn Biermann Madse and Peter Harteg. Its first stable released was on February 4, 2015.

Now, it's time for us to start this tutorial. But first, please complete the given requirements below before proceeding.

Requirements to install CMSimple in XAMPP using Windows 11 pc

Assuming that you already downloaded XAMPP and CMSimple, continue doing the tutorials below.

Table of Contents

  • XAMPP installation on Windows 11
  • Running XAMPP Control Panel's Apache and MySQL
  • Copying CMSimple installer to HTDOCS folder
  • CMSimple installation via Localhost or
  • Accessing CMSimple website ADMIN account
  • Viewing website created via CMSimple

Here are the steps on how to install CMSimple in XAMPP using Windows 11 pc

XAMPP installation on Windows 11

1. After downloading XAMPP using the given link above, open it. For the antivirus related question, just ignore it and press the YES button to proceed.

xampp installation warning about antivirus

2. On the warning message regarding User Account Control (UAC) just ignore it also and press the OK button to continue.

xampp installation warning about user account control windows

3. In the Setup Wizard for, just click on NEXT.

welcome to xampp setup wizard witn next button

4. In the Select Components, just leave it and press NEXT again.

xampp installation select components

5. In the Installation folder, leave it also as it is and press the NEXT button.

xampp installation select a folder to install xampp

6. In Language, English is pre-selected, just leave it also. You can also change it to your own local language if you want to. Press the NEXT button to continue.

select language for xampp installation

7. Your XAMPP is now ready to install. Press the NEXT button to proceed.

xampp installation ready to begin

8. Wait for the Installing to finish.

xampp installation in progress unpacking files

9. When done, uncheck the "Do you want to start the Control Panel now?" and press FINISH to exit.

xampp installation finished

10. Done! You have successfully installed XAMPP on your pc. Continue to the next tutorial below.

Running XAMPP Control Panel's Apache and MySQL

1. Open Start in your pc and search for xampp. Right-click XAMPP Control Panel and click on Run as Administrator.

search for xampp app windows

2. Inside XAMPP, press the two Start buttons for Apache and MySQL.

start xampp apache mysql server

3. To confirm that your Apache and MySQL are running, you will see green-colored background on both. When done, press X to hide the panel to system tray.

xampp apache mysql server are running

4. If there is a Windows Security Alert produced by Windows Defender Firewall, just click the Allow access button to exit.

allow access to xampp in windows defender firewall

5. Done! You just ran XAMPP on your Windows 11 pc and started the Apache and MySQL services. Continue to next tutorial below.

Copying CMSimple installer to HTDOCS folder

1. Now, after downloading the file using the given link above, you need to extract the zip file. After extracting, you need to copy the CMSimple folder to the XAMPP's htdocs folder. First, open Start and search for "this pc". Click This PC to open your Computer drive.

search for this pc windows 11

2. Inside This PC, click on your C drive.

windows 11 c drive

3. Inside c drive, find and click on xampp folder.

xampp folder located in c drive windows 11

4. Inside xampp, click on htdocs folder.

htdocs folder located in xampp folder c drive windows 11

5. Now, paste your CMSimple folder inside htdocs.


6. Done! You just copied your CMSimple installer folder to the c:\xampp\htdocs directory. Continue to the next tutorial.

CMSimple CMS installation via Localhost or

1. Open your internet browser. In the address bar type the or localhost/cmsimple and press ENTER.

accessing cmsimple installation folder using localhost chrome

2. And you just instantly created your website using CMSimple!

cmsimple website created instantly

3. Under the welcome message, you will see there the instruction to set a password for your admin account now. The file that you need to locate is the readme.php file which is inside your CMSimple installation folder inside the htdocs folder. The complete path is c:\xampp\htdocs\cmsimple.

access readme php to change cmsimple account password

4. To access the readme.php file. Just go to This PC > c drive > xampp > htdocs > cmsimple folder.

locating readme php file inside cmsimple folder in htdocs

5. When you already see the readme.php file, right-click on it and then press Edit with Notepad.

edit readme php file using notepad cmsimple

6. To set an admin password, the readme.php file stated that you need to run the /setup.php in your internet browser.

call setup php file inside cmsimple folder to change password

7. Open a new tab on your internet browser and then type or localhost/cmsimple/setup.php and press ENTER. In the given space, enter your admin password and click the Submit button. Do not forget this password because you will use it later to access your admin account and edit your CMSimple website.

enter new password admin account cmsimple

Accessing CMSimple website ADMIN account

1. In the Site admin login, enter your newly created password. You can leave the user as blank. Press the Login button to proceed.

login admin account cmsimple website

2. And you just opened your CMSimple admin account.

sample admin account dashboard cmsimple website

10. Here is a sample screenshot of Page Manager inside admin account.

cmsimple admin page manager

3. Here is a sample screenshot of User Files also inside the admin account. You can upload files here.

files upload cmsimple

4. The Settings page of your CMSimple website.

settings view cmsimple admin

5. And the Plugin Manager page that can be use to install external plugins to make your CMSimple site look more professional.

plugins view cmsimple admin

Viewing website created via CMSimple

1. To view your CMSimple website, just type or localhost/cmsimple and press ENTER using your internet browser. Below is the sample homepage of CMSimple website.

home page view cmsimple website

And you just successfully created a website using the CMSimple CMS locally in your pc. You can start posting articles and editing your website now. And when done, you can upload your website online on a free web hosting if you want to try it first for free. And then, consider uploading the website in a paid web hosting service with cPanel.

If you have question, leave a comment below. Cheers!

Important notes:

  • Always open XAMPP and start MySQL and Apache before opening your CMSimple website
  • Do not forget your admin username and password. You write it on a piece of paper or Notepad

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