How to install Composr in XAMPP Windows 11

This is the 3rd CMS (Content Management System) that I will be posting tutorial for installation via XAMPP in Windows 11 pc. I am already done with Backdrop and CMSimple. As you can see, the same steps apply with Composr installation to your local web server.

Composr is a combination of a Web content management system and Online community software. Composr is licensed as free software and primarily written in the PHP programming language and was developed by ocProducts Ltd. Its initial release was on June 20, 2004. This CMS is quite old but its features are good.

Now let's start Composr installation!

Download requirements on how to install Composr in XAMPP using Windows 11 pc

Assuming that you already downloaded XAMPP and Composr, continue doing the tutorials below.

Table of Contents

  • XAMPP installation on Windows 11
  • Running XAMPP Control Panel's Apache and MySQL
  • Copying Composr installer to HTDOCS folder
  • Creating Composr Database
  • Composr installation via Localhost or
  • Accessing Composr website ADMIN account
  • Viewing website created via Composr

Here are the steps on how to install Composr in XAMPP using Windows 11 pc

XAMPP installation on Windows 11

1. After downloading XAMPP using the given link above, open it. For the antivirus related question, just ignore it and press the YES button to proceed.

xampp installation warning about antivirus

2. On the warning message regarding User Account Control (UAC) just ignore it also and press the OK button to continue.

xampp installation warning about user account control windows

3. In the Setup Wizard for, just click on NEXT.

welcome to xampp setup wizard witn next button

4. In the Select Components, just leave it and press NEXT again.

xampp installation select components

5. In the Installation folder, leave it also as it is and press the NEXT button.

xampp installation select a folder to install xampp

6. In Language, English is pre-selected, just leave it also. You can also change it to your own local language if you want to. Press the NEXT button to continue.

select language for xampp installation

7. Your XAMPP is now ready to install. Press the NEXT button to proceed.

xampp installation ready to begin

8. Wait for the Installing to finish.

xampp installation in progress unpacking files

9. When done, uncheck the "Do you want to start the Control Panel now?" and press FINISH to exit.

xampp installation finished

10. Done! You have successfully installed XAMPP on your pc. Continue to the next tutorial below.

Running XAMPP Control Panel's Apache and MySQL

1. Open Start in your pc and search for xampp. Right-click XAMPP Control Panel and click on Run as Administrator.

search for xampp app windows

2. Inside XAMPP, press the two Start buttons for Apache and MySQL.

start xampp apache mysql server

3. To confirm that your Apache and MySQL are running, you will see green-colored background on both. When done, press X to hide the panel to system tray.

xampp apache mysql server are running

4. If there is a Windows Security Alert produced by Windows Defender Firewall, just click the Allow access button to exit.

allow access to xampp in windows defender firewall

5. Done! You just ran XAMPP on your Windows 11 pc and started the Apache and MySQL services. Continue to next tutorial below.

Copying Composr installer to HTDOCS folder

1. Now, after downloading the file using the given link above, you need to extract the zip file. After extracting, you need to copy the Composr folder to the XAMPP's htdocs folder. First, open Start and search for "this pc". Click This PC to open your Computer drive.

search for this pc windows 11

2. Inside This PC, click on your C drive.

windows 11 c drive

3. Inside c drive, find and click on xampp folder.

xampp folder located in c drive windows 11

4. Inside xampp, click on htdocs folder.

htdocs folder located in xampp folder c drive windows 11

5. Now, paste your Composr folder inside htdocs.

copying composr cms folder to xampp htdocs folder

6. Done! You just copied your Composr installer folder to the c:\xampp\htdocs directory. Continue to the next tutorial.

Creating Composr Database

1. Open your internet browser. In the address bar type or localhost and press ENTER.

accessing xampp localhost using chrome

2. Find and press phpMyAdmin to continue.

accessing xampp phpmyadmin

3. Inside phpMyAdmin press Databases tab.

phpmyadmin creating database for composr

4. In the Create database, name your database as composr_db and next to it utf8mb4_general_ci is already selected by default (just leave it). Press the Create button to proceed.

naming and creating composr database localhost

5. In the Create new table, name your table as composr_table. Leave the number of columns as it is which is 4. Press the Create button to proceed.

naming and creating composr database table localhost

6. For Structure name it as composr and leave the Type as INT.

structure name composr database localhost

7. For the Collation select utf8_unicode_ci and leave all fields blank.

structure collation composr database localhost

8. Save your Database. Continue doing the next tutorial.

save composr database structure localhost

Composr CMS installation via Localhost or

1. Open your internet browser again. In the address bar type the or localhost/composer/install.php and press ENTER.

initializing composr cms installation using web browser in xampp

2. For the Welcome page, just click the Proceed button to continue.

welcome page composr installation xampp

3. In the agree to terms in the license, just leave it and press the I agree button to continue.

composr installation agreement page via xampp

4. For the Forum software and Forum version (see image below) just leave the default values as well as for the Database. Click the Proceed button again to continue.

choosing composr forum software xampp installation

5. In the General settings: Domain = for Base URL =, for Master password = type your password and confirm it (do not forget). Leave the other as default.

composr installation general settings xampp

6. For Member settings, type admin for username and then your admin account password and confirm it also.

composr installation member settings xampp

7. For Database settings, Database name = composr_db, hostname is, username is root, and password is blank. Table prefix is cms_.

composr installation database settings xampp

8. Press the Install Composr button to proceed.

start composr installation xampp

9. Just press OK in the says.

composr message about master password

10. During installation, you do not need to press anything. Just wait.

composr installation log for files transferred and chmoded

11. When done you should see step 10 of 10. See image below.

composr website successfully installed

12. Now, you need to delete the install.php file inside your Composr folder in the htdocs.

deleting install.php file composr installation folder

13. Go to your C drive > xampp > htdocs > composr and delete the install.php file.

deleting composr install.php file xampp htdocs composr folder

14. Here is the sample screenshot of your unconfigured Composr website homepage.

composr website homepage

Accessing Composr website ADMIN account

1. We need to access the admin page of your Composr website to setup your website. Type in the address bar of your internet browser and press ENTER. Type your username and password that you created earlier during installation. Press the Log in button to proceed.

composr website admin login page

2. Inside, click the Setup Wizard link.

run setup wizard composr website admin

3. For Step 1 of 10, just click Proceed.

composr setup wizard step 1

4. Click Proceed again for Step 2 of 10.

composr setup wizard step 2

5. For the next step, for Install profile set it to N/A and for Site name, just name your site with anything you want. Leave the other fields alone and click the Proceed button to continue.

composr setup wizard site settings

6. For the addons just leave it and do not do anything.

composr select plugins setup wizard

7. Do the same for Features, leave it alone.

composr website features

8. And for Structure, leave it as well. Click Proceed to continue.

composr select public zones structure

9. For Blocks selection Home, do not do anything.

composr website home blocks setup

10. For Panels, leave it also. Click Proceed again.

composr website panel blocks setup

11. For Rules select Balanced rules. Click Proceed again.

composr website rules settings

12. Uncheck the Closed site. Click Proceed to continue.

selection to whether open or close composr website to public view

13. And the Setup Wizard is completed.

composr setup wizard done

14. Inside your admin account you will see the Pages that contains links for Add Comcode, Go to main website, Go to Content Management Zone and Go to Admin Zone.

composr website pages

15. Sample screenshot of Content Management Zone page. You need to login your admin account to access this page.

composr website admin page content management zone

16. Sample screenshot of Admin Zone page.

composr website admin page

Viewing website created via Composr

1. Sample screenshot of your Composr website homepage.

composr website homepage

Done! If have successfully created a Composr website using XAMPP in your Windows 11 pc. If you have question, leave a comment below. Cheers!

  • To view your Composr website homepage go to:
  • and to login your admin account, go to:

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