How to know GOMO Call, Text, Unlidata Promo Expiration

To be able to know when will your GOMO promo subscription will expire (validity), you need to install the GOMO app on your phone. If your phone is not capable of installing app, then you can use your pc or laptop to open your Gomo account by following this tutorial: How to open Gomo account in pc.

But, for this tutorial, we are gonna focus on the Gomo app itself which is available for android or iOS phone users. It is very important to know if your GOMO unlidata, call & texts, other data promos is going to expire already so that you can prepare yourself on things that you need to do. So, without further ado, let's start this tutorial.

Here are the steps on how to know Gomo calls, texts, data, unlidata promo subscription expiration using the app

1. On your phone tap on Play Store. (I am using android phone for this tutorial)

open android play store

2. Inside Play Store, tap on the search for apps & games.

play store app search

3. Type "gomo ph" and press ENTER to search.

search for gomo ph in play store app search

4. In the GOMO PH app page, tap on the Install button.

install gomo ph app via play store on android phone

5. Wait for the download to finish.

gomo ph app download process

6. After downloading, app will auto-install. Wait for it to finish also.

gomo ph app installing

7. When done, tap on the Open button.

gomo ph app done installing

8. In the GOMO! app, enter your GOMO account number and press Let's Go! to proceed.

gomo app login account number

9. Enter your GOMO 6-digit PIN. If you forgotten your PIN, then, do this tutorial to reset it.

gomo app 6-digit pin number

10. You are now inside your GOMO account. By default, you will already see your current data or unlidata promo on the screen if you are subscribed. Tapping on the next or back buttons will lead you to your available texts and calls promos.

gomo account successful log-in

11. This is a sample of my available texts to all networks on my GOMO account.

gomo account available texts

12. And this is the example screenshot of my available calls, which is none.

gomo account available calls

Done! You just checked your Gomo promo subscriptions using the Gomo app. The same steps apply if you want to open your account via pc which is already given on the link above.

I do hope this tutorial helped you. If you have question, you can leave a comment below. Thank you!

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