How to make digital signature using android phone

For this post I will show you how to make your own digital signature using your android phone. This is a 2-part tutorial. First, we will download and install an app that allows you to draw your signature using your phone. And second, we will remove the background of your digital signature, so that you can easily copy and paste it on an online document or any other files that needs your signature.

So, without further ado, let's start

Here are the steps on how to make digital signature using your android phone

1. On your android phone find and press on Play Store.

open android play store

2. Inside Play Store, tap on "search for apps & games."

play store search for apps and games

3. Search for "draw finger" and press ENTER.

play store draw finger app

4. Inside the Draw finger (painter) app, press the Install button.

install draw finger app

5. When done installing, press the Open button to open the Draw Finger app.

open draw finger app

6. For the needed permission, just allow Draw Finger app.

allow draw finger app to access android files

7. In the Welcome page, just press Later.

draw finger app welcome page

8. Now, start drawing your digital signature using your finger. When done, press the 3 dots located at the upper-right corner of your screen.

draw your signature using draw finger app in android

9. In the menu that will appear, press Save.

save drawn signature using draw finger app

10. Name your signature and press Save.

name your signature file

How to remove created digital signature background

11. Now, open Chrome app.

open chrome app

12. In the address bar, type and press ENTER.

open remove bg website

13. Inside website, press on the Upload image button.

upload created digital signature using draw finger on

14. Browse your digital signature created using draw finger app.

browse created signature using draw finger on android directory

15. Now, select the file that you named earlier to upload it on website.

select the digital signature file to upload on

16. will automatically remove your digital signature background instantly. When, tap on Download button to download your signature with removed background.

download digital signature with removed background

17. When your signature is done downloading, you can check it first or if you need to use it already, then, use it now. You can just copy paste it on a document that needs your digital signature. Or, if you need to transfer it on your pc, you can transfer it via Shareit, or USB flash drive.

digital signature without background downloaded succesfully

Done! You just drawn and successfully created a digital signature using your android phone and removed its background using website. You can now easily use this signature online, anywhere you want.

If you have questions, you can leave a comment below. Thank you for reading this post guys. Cheers!

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