MediaWiki: Missing required extension to PHP, install: intl

I am posting different tutorials on installing variety of CMS (Content Management System) using XAMPP on my Windows 11 pc. And so far so good. But during the installation of MediaWiki, I encountered the given error below regarding the PHP extension.

MediaWiki 1.38 internal error
Installing some PHP extensions is required.

Required components
You are missing a required extension to PHP that MediaWiki requires to run. Please install:

-intl (more information)

mediawiki 1.38 internal error install intl

For this post, I will show you how to easily fix this error so that you will be able to continue the installation of your MediaWiki. And without further ado, let's start.

Here are the steps on how to fix "MediaWiki 1.38 internal error, installing some PHP extensions is required. You are missing a required extension to PHP that MediaWiki requires to run. Please install: intl".

1. You need to go to your XAMPP folder (c:/xampp/php/) and open the php folder. Inside php folder, find php.ini. Right-click php.ini and click open with Notepad or Notepad++ if you have.

xampp php-edit php.ini file

2. Inside Notepad, find the line (see image below with blue circle) ;extension=intl.

php.ini edit extension=intl

3. All you need to do is remove the semicolon (;) and you should have extension=intl now. When done, save your php.ini file by clicking File > Save.

php.ini edit extension=intl remove semicolon

4. Open your XAMPP Control Panel and stop both the Apache and MySQL.

stop xampp apache and mysql

5. After stopping both, press the 2 STARTS to restart Apache and MySQL.

start xampp apache and mysql

6. Go back to your internet browser and re-enter the and press ENTER. You will then see another error saying: MediaWiki 1.38.4 LocalSettings.php not found. Please set up the wiki first. All you need to do now is just click the "set up the wiki" first link and you are good to go with the installation after setting it up.

install intl error is gone

7. Done! You just solved the missing required extension to PHP, install intl error in your MediaWiki installation. If you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!

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