How do I pay for SPayLater bills?

If you already verified and activated your SPayLater account on Shopee, then, I am a hundred percent sure that you already purchased some items on Shopee using it. Yes! It is very normal to all people to run out of money some times and thanks to SPayLater, we can still purchase what we want (as long as it is within the amount that your SPayLater available credit can bought).

For this post, I will be showing you a way on how to pay your SPayLater bills which is via ShopeePay. You can also use e-wallets like GCash, Maya, etc. You can also use your bank account, and Shopee's over-the-counter payment methods.

The only reason I tried using SPayLater is to be able to make this tutorial. I am not a fan of making "utang or debt" but for the sake of sharing an informative tutorial, I just did use my SPayLater. So, without any further instructions, let's start.

Here are the steps on how to pay your SPayLater Bills using ShopeePay and other Payment methods available

1. Log in and open your Shopee account. Inside, press on ME.

shopee account me

2. Inside your account, under My Wallet, tap on SPayLater.

shopee account spaylater

3. Inside SPayLater, you will see there your available credit. Some credits can be way more higher it depends) maybe on your previous purchases made before activating your SPayLater account) per account. Now, press My Bills.

my bills spaylater shopee account

4. Inside Amount to pay, press the Upcoming Bill tab. If your amount to pay is already due then, your payables will appear on Current Bill. But because my bill is still next month due, I just found it inside the Upcoming Bill tab.

upcoming bill or amount to pay spaylater shopee account

5. You will then see the item that you purchased that needed to be paid. Click on that item.

item purchased via spaylater that will be paid

6. Still inside the "Amount to pay" you will now see the total amount to be paid. Tap on Payment Method.

select payment method spaylater shopee account

7. Inside Payment Method, you will see there various ways to be able to pay your SPayLater Bills. Select the one that is available to you.

select payment method to pay upcoming spaylater bill

8. For this post, I am choosing ShopeePay. (I also cashed in my ShopeePay using GCash for this tutorial). If you want to know how to cash in money on your ShopeePay using GCash, then click here for tutorial. Tap on Confirm button to proceed.

shopeepay will be used as payment method to pay upcomong spaylater bill

9. When all is set, tap on Pay in full button to confirm your payment.

pay full amount of upcoming bill spaylater

10. Since, I am using my ShopeePay account, I am required to input my PIN.

enter shopeepay pin

11. And you just paid your SPayLater bill using ShopeePay. Under Repayment Result, you will see there the amount paid, payment method used, and the time/date of repayment. Tap in View my SPayLater to proceed.

payment done for spaylater upcoming bill

12. You will then see that the amount that you paid is added back to your SPayLater available credit that you can use again to purchase items on Shopee. Tap on My Bills again.

spaylater available credit is back to its maximum amount

13. Under Unpaid tab, you will see there the item that you just Paid. Tap on it.

spaylater my unpaid bills

14. And you will now see on details that the bill has been paid in full.

spaylater paid bills transaction details shopee account

15. Done! That's the easy steps on how to easily repay your SPayLater Bills on Shopee.

IF you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!

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