How to remove account in Google Play Store

I already posted tutorials regarding removal of linked GCash and PayPal on Google Play Store. And for this post, I will be discussing the steps on how to easily remove your added account in Google Play's payment method.

I personally suggest that you only link your account to Play Store when you need to buy an app, game or some thing else, and then immediately remove it afterwards to avoid unnecessary payments in the future. I mean, the linking and removal steps are very easy to do. But the money that you are going to lose because of unnecessary charges is not very easy to earn at all. I never linked any account before on my Google Play. I only linked my GCash, PayPal and accounts because I just wanted to make these tutorials that I published here on my blog to help others, but a friend of mine told me that she lose money because her GCash account was connected on her Google Play account before. She just remembered that she linked her account because of a dating app.

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So, let's begin the tutorial, follow the steps below.

Here are the steps on how to remove account added as Payment Method on Google Play Store

1. Open and login your Google Play account. Inside, tap on your profile photo.

google play account profile pic

2. In the menu that will appear, tap on Payments & subscriptions.

payments and subscriptions google play account

3. Under Payment & subscriptions, tap on Payment methods.

payment methods google play account

4. Under Payment methods, in the More options, press More payment settings.

more payment settings google play account

5. Find your account and below it press, press Remove.

remove account google play payment methods

6. In the remove payment method, just press the Remove button again to confirm.

confirm removal account google play payment method

7. account is now gone inside Google Pay Payment methods.

successfully removed account google play

8. It is also removed inside Google Play Payment methods. account removed in available payment method google play

9. And you just successfully removed your account in Play Store.

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