How to Remove Website from Google Search Console

Removing a website or property on Google Search Console is the last thing that you never want to do. But, for this tutorial, I will show you how to easily do it.

Maybe you want to remove an added property inside your Search Console, because you mistyped it or the domain already expired and you are not going to renew it. Or maybe, you do not own that website anymore. Whatever the reason is, you can definitely remove that particular website. But even though you remove a website inside search console, it doesn't mean that you also remove it from Google search results. I am sure that there are websites that did not even have a search console account and did not submit their sitemaps on Google but still, they are appearing on search results. What we are going to do is just the removal of your property on your console account.

Here are the steps on how to remove a website or property from your Google Search Console account

1. Open and login your Google Search Console account. Inside, search for the website that you wanted to remove and click on it.

find your website that you want to remove in google search console

2. Make sure you already selected the right website. Now, click on Settings.

website settings google search console

3. Then click Remove Property.

remove property google search console

4. Google wants to confirm that you really want to remove your website on search console. Just press the Remove Property again to confirm.

confirm removal of website in google search console

5. Done! You have successfully removed your website on Google Search Console. But again, even though I did this tutorial, it is not advisable to remove your website on search console because it really helps a lot when it comes to getting your website indexed by Google. Remove at your own risk.

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