How to Remove Sitemap from Google Search Console

For this post, I will show you how to easily remove a sitemap of your website inside your Google Search Console account. Although removing a sitemap is not advisable because it is one of the way that makes your website appear on search results.

You have your reason for doing this but make sure you are only doing the removal because you submitted a wrong sitemap. Like, you misspelled the spelling of your website or there is something wrong on your sitemap link. Or, you want to submit a different type or format of sitemap. Whatever the it is, be careful when doing this because once you removed the sitemap, there is a chance that all the indexed page of your website from Google will be gone also (correct me if I am wrong).

Now, let's start the tutorial.

Here are the steps on how to remove sitemap of a website from your Google Search Console account

1. Log in and open your Google Search Console account. Inside, click on Search Property. In the list of website that will appear, select the one that you wanted to remove the sitemap.

search domain property google search console

2. When done selecting, under Index, click on Sitemaps.

website sitemaps google search console

3. Under the Submitted sitemaps, click on the sitemap that you want to remove.

click the sitemap to be removed google search console

4. Inside your sitemap, find Open Sitemap, near it you will see 3 dots. Click on it. 

google search console remove sitemap link

5. In the menu that will appear, click Remove sitemap.

google search console remove sitemap link 2

6. Google will ask you if you really want to remove your sitemap. Click Remove to confirm.

confirm sitemap removal google search console

Done! You have successfully removed a sitemap on your Google Search Console account.

Important Notes:

  • If you submitted a new sitemap and after a few days, the console says that your sitemap.xml is either COULDN'T FETCH or SITEMAP COULD NOT BE READ. Then, you submitted a wrong sitemap URL. If sitemap.xml won't work for you. Then you should try submitting, this kind of sitemap URL: Change to your own website name. Know more about here.
  • If you are only deleting your sitemap because the console says "Discovered - currently not indexed" , then, do not remove your sitemap. When this is the status of your index coverage, you just need to wait.

Thank you for reading this post, and I do hope it helped you even a bit. If you have question, you can leave a comment below. Cheers!

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