Google: Your search did not match any documents

If you are trying to search for a keyword or term on your Google Chrome app using your android phone but Google answered back with a "Your search di not match any documents" or try another keyword, or maybe you misspelled your terms, then, the term you are searching for is not yet answered on Google search.

The only solution for this is to directly ask and submit Google your question that you didn't get any answer from them. The good thing, about Google Chrome app is that you have the option to submit a question to Google but using Chrome on pc, there is no such option.

For this tutorial, I will show you how to submit your specific question to Google search using your android phone. And without further ado, let's start.

Here are the steps on how to submit question to Google, if your search did not match any documents

1. On your android phone, open your Google Chrome app. And deliberately search for a very uncommon word like what I did below.

search term or keyword on google search app android

2. After tapping on the Search button, you will see that Google answered back that your search term or keyword did not match any documents. They will suggest you to make sure all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords or try more general keywords. To get the answer you're looking for added to the web, you will need to submit your question to them. In the "What's your question?" field, type your question.

google search what s your question submit question android

3. Now, type your question and press the Submit button to proceed. Your question will be shared to online publishers who may be able to answer it. And even though you are the one who asked the question, Google will protect your privacy and no one will ever know that it is you who asked.

type your question to submit on google search android app

4. And you just submitted your question directly to Google using your android phone. 

question successfully submitted to google

5. By submitting a question you couldn't find the answer to, you can help Google and publishers learn what info is missing from the web. Just make sure not to submit a personal question.

google explanation about submitting question to them on google search android app


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