How to Transfer Money from Maya to GCash

For this post we will be transferring our Maya Wallet (PayMaya) funds to our GCash account. So if you are going to send a total of P500, then, you need a total of P515 to be able to transfer the money and receive exactly P500. But, if you only have a total of P500, then, it is also okay, your GCash account will then only receive a total of P485 after the transfer. Why? There is a transfer fee of P15 when using InstaPay.

InstaPay is an electronic service that enables you to instantly transfer money from your bank or e-wallet to a different one. Yes, because InstaPay "instantly" performs the transfer, it is better to do the transaction using it for faster and real-time transfer of your money. I do not know if PesoNet is can also be used but PesoNet is free of charge when used to transfer your money, but you will receive your money not instantly and this is not a must specially when doing online transactions that needs real-time processing.

Also make sure that your Maya account is verified or upgrade because you won't be able to send money to GCash if it is not. And without further ado, let's start this tutorial.

Here are the steps on how to easily transfer money from Maya to GCash account

1. Open and log in your Maya account. Inside, tap on Bank Transfer.

maya bank transfer

2. Inside Bank transfer, scroll down to find GCash and tap on it when you saw it.

maya bank transfer to gcash

3. Inside GCash, fill up the Amount to be transferred, the purpose of sending your money to GCash, account number (which is your GCash-registered mobile number), and your GCash account name which is your name on your GCash . When done, tap on Continue to proceed.

maya to gcash bank transfer transaction details

4. Review your transaction details and make they are all correct to avoid delays. When done, click the Transfer now button to confirm.

review transaction details bank transfer from maya to gcash

5. An OTP (one-time pin) will be sent to your registered-Maya number. Type the 6-digit code on the space provided. When done, tap on Verify button to verify.

input otp sent to maya registered mobile number

6. You will see a message "You are almost there! We're now processing this bank transfer to bank account XXXX." Just press DONE to exit.

money transferred from maya to gcash is now being processed

7. If all went right, then, you will instantly receive a text from GCash regarding the received money from Maya account. It contains the total amount of money received as well as the reference number if ever there is something that you want to report or appeal regarding the transaction made.

gcash sent text to registered mobile number regarding received funds from maya

8. To verify that your GCash really received the sent money, open and log in your account.

open gcash account

9. Go to Transactions (see image below).

open gcash transaction

10. GCash transactions made are also real-time now unlike before. So, you will find the received money from Maya wallet right there at the top of all your transactions. Just tap on it to see more details. It contains the Maya/PayMaya wallet account (sender of money), date and time the money was received, the amount received plus the transaction fee (P15), and the reference number.

transaction history about maya to gcash transferred funds

11. Done! You have successfully transferred money from Maya to GCash.

I do hope that you learned a lot while doing this tutorial. If you have question or anything to say, leave a comment below. Thanks!

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