How to Turn Off YouTube Notifications on Android

If you are an avid YouTube app user, then, I am very sure that you watch many videos. And you subscribed on different channels also. And of course, you also enabled the notification bell so that you always know that the the channel you subscribed to, already uploaded a new video for you to watch.

By doing so, your android phone will suffer. First, all notifications from YouTube will popup on your phone and this will consume your phone's battery. And if you do not silent mode your phone, notification sounds can get really annoying to hear specially when you are relaxing or just taking a rest.

For this tutorial, we will turn off or disable this notifications from YouTube on your android phone. I will be using again my TECNO phone to show you how. But the same steps will also for other phone brands. I also included different steps below for other android.

Here are the steps on how to turn off YouTube notifications on your android phone

1. Find and tap on your android Settings icon.

android phone settings

2. Inside Settings, find and press Notification center.

android notification center

3. Inside Notification center, tap on Notification management.

android notification management

4. Inside Notification management, find YouTube. You will see that its toggle switch is ON.

youtube notifications android on

5. Turn the toggle switch OFF to disable all kinds of notifications from YouTube.

youtube notifications android off

6. Done! You have successfully turned off YouTube app notifications on your android phone. If you want to enable it again, the same steps apply.

How to turn off YouTube notifications on other android phone brands


Go to Settings > Notifications > press YouTube app > press Block all to enable it


Open Settings > Apps > View all apps > tap on YouTube app > press App notifications > press ON to turn it OFF


Settings > Apps & notifications > Notification manager > Don't show notifications for YouTube


Settings > Apps & manager > Notifications > See all apps > disable YouTube app


Settings > Apps > select YouTube > uncheck Show notifications > press OK


Settings > Notifications > find and press YouTube app > disable Allow notifications


Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > see all apps > switch off button for YouTube app to disable


Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Advanced > Turn Allow notification dots OFF for YouTube app


Settings > Apps and notifications > Notifications > See all from last 7 days > turn off notification dots for YouTube app


Settings > Notifications & status bar > select YouTube to turn off


Settings > Notifications & status bar > Manage notifications > select YouTube app to turn off


Settings > Notifications > More > All > select YouTube app to turn off


Settings > Apps & notifications > Configure notifications > See all from last 7 days > select YouTube app to turn off


Settings > Status bar & notification > (Manage notification>)enter the Notification management interface of YouTube app to off


Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > App notifications > select YouTube app to turn off


Settings > Notifications & Control centre > App notifications > select YouTube app to turn off


Settings > Notifications > select YouTube app to turn off

If you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!

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