How to update Google Play Store on Windows 11

For me, the best way to be able to access Google Play Store on Windows 11 is still using an android emulator like Bluestacks. I read a couple of posts wherein you can now easily install Play Store inside your Windows pc by just enabling Developer Tools, downloading the needed files install it and you have your Play Store inside your machine. To be honest, I did not try those tutorial at all. Maybe in the future.

For this tutorial, we are not going to install Play Store, but we are going to update it. This means that we already installed our Play Store. And we installed it using Bluestacks. And to be able able to update it, I will show you how using the given steps below.

Here are the steps on how to update Google Play Store in Windows 11 pc

1. Open your Bluestacks. And inside click on Play Store. (see image below)

open google play store inside bluestacks

2. Make sure you already log in your Gmail account be able to use Play Store. If not log in your email address and password first. When done, inside Play Store, you will see your Profile photo. Click on it.

click your google play profile photo

3. In the menu that will appear, click on Settings.

google play settings

4. Inside Settings, click About (Pay store, build version, device certification).

play store about settings

5. Under About Settings, find Play Store version. Under it, you will see the Update Play Store link. Click that link.

google play update play store

6. Google will say that "A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed." Press Got it to confirm.

download update of google play store

7. If you're Play Store is outdated, then, it will automatically download all then need updates to make it the latest version. If it is already on it latest version, then, Google will also notify you and ther is no need to update it.

And that is the easy and simple steps to update your Google Play Store on your Windows 11 pc. Thank you for reading this post. I do hope it helped you. If you have question, you can leave a comment below. Cheers!

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