How to Verify Upwork Account 2022

In the past, you can easily verify your Upwork account right after you just registered it and completing some tests. Today's Upwork is not like that anymore. You won't able to see any link inside your account that will lead you to the verification page.

Based on my experience, and also the reason why I was able to write this tutorial, Upwork Verification link will only appear once you received your first ever job or contract on Upwork. As you can see on the image below.

action required upwork

Having a verified profile is also a big plus when it comes to winning jobs on Upwork. And doing it is a must, unless Upwork told you to do so. And when the time comes that they do, then, do it. And for this tutorial, I will demonstrate to you guys how to verify your Upwork account.

Requirements to Verify your Upwork account

  • Front image of your valid ID
    • The documents we accept include passport, national ID card (NIC/CNIC), driver's license, NBI Clearance (Philippines only), tax ID, voter ID, postal ID, or any other valid government-issued photo ID that meets these criteria.
    • ID must include your picture, signature, name, date of birth, and address, with the exception of passports, which don't need your address.
  • Mobile phone with cam for selfie (visual verification)
  • PC or laptop with camera

Assuming that you met the given listed requirements above, continue doing the tutorial below.

Here are the steps on how to verify your Upwork account

1. Open and login your Upwork account. In the Action required to verify your identity on Upwork, click on the Get Started link.

upwork notification action required verify your identity

2. Inside Identity verification, you will see there 3 verifications that you need to do. The ID document, location and visual verifications. Again, click the Get started button to proceed.

upwork identity verification local and visual

3. Now, still inside Identity verification, fill up the form with the valid and needed details. Your name, last name, date of birth, country, and ID type. When done, click the NEXT button to proceed.

enter name last name dob country id type upwork verification

4. In the Upload the front of your ID. Make sure your selected valid ID photo is not blurry, there is a border area around your ID and all four corners are visible, and the image hasn't been edited in any way. Upload your ID picture, when done, click the Upload and Next button to proceed.

upload front id image upwork verification

5. Upwork will verify your ID image. This is automatic and you just need to wait.

upwork verifying front photo image uploaded

6. When you passed STEP 5, then you should have the same message as below. Your ID was approved by Upwork. Click the NEXT button to proceed.

upwork id verification approved

7. In the Choose selfie method (visual verification) you can either choose Mobile camera or web. For this tutorial, I used my laptop. Check the to verify identity (Privacy Policy).... and then press the NEXT button to continue.

choose selfie method upwork visual verification

8. Now, inside Visual verification, you will be instruct that in the next screen, you will need to place your face inside the oval and smile to take a selfie. This is also automatic. Now, press the Start button to start.

start selfie upwork verification using pc

9. Upwork will request to access and open your pc camera. Just allow it.

allow upwork to use your pc cam

10. You might also have an antivirus that may block the webcam access. Allow it also. If none, just continue to the next step.

allow upword to use pc cam in your antivirus

11. As I have said the process is automatic. And if you passed the selfie, then you will have the same message as below. Congrats, you're verified! Press the Close button to exit.

upwork verification successful

12. You will then see that you have done all the needed verifications. They all have checks now.

upwork identity verified

13. You can now check your Upwork Profile. Go to Find Work and then click Profile. 

upwork profile view

14. And you will see the blue check next to your name. It is called the Identity Verified Badge.

blue checked identity verified badge upwork

15. You will also receive an email to your Upwork-registered email regarding the successful verification and the badge that you received.

upwork email identity verified badge

16. Lastly, inside your Upwork account's Notification bell, you will also see there the "You've earned an Identity Verified badge for your profile." message.

upwork notification earned identity verified badge

17. Done! You have successfully verified your Upwork account and earned the Identity Verified Badge. Congrats!

If you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!

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