How to install Dotclear in XAMMP Windows 11

Dotclear is an open-source blog publishing application developed by Olivier Meunier in year 2022. And for this post, I will show you how to make a website using this cool CMS.

But before anything else, make sure to download the two given files below before starting doing the given tutorials below.

Table of Contents

  • XAMPP installation on Windows 11
  • Running XAMPP Control Panel's Apache and MySQL
  • Copying Dotclear installer to HTDOCS folder
  • Creating Dotclear Database on XAMPP phpMyAdmin
  • Dotclear installation via Localhost or
  • Accessing Dotclear website home page
  • Accessing Dotclear website ADMIN account

Here are the steps on how to install Dotclear in XAMPP using Windows 11 pc

XAMPP installation on Windows 11

1. After downloading XAMPP, install it. Under Question regarding antivirus, just click YES to proceed.

xampp installation warning about antivirus

2. In the Warning about User Account Control (UAC), click OK.

xampp installation warning about user account control windows

3. Now, in the Setup - XAMPP, click NEXT.

welcome to xampp setup wizard witn next button

4. Under Select Components, click NEXT again.

xampp installation select components

5. Click NEXT also in the Installation folder.

xampp installation select a folder to install xampp

6. Select English in the Language, then press NEXT.

select language for xampp installation

7. You are now ready to install XAMPP, click NEXT to proceed.

xampp installation ready to begin

8. Wait for the installation and unpacking to finish.

xampp installation in progress unpacking files

9. You have successfully installed XAMPP. Uncheck the "Do you want to start the Control Panel now?" button and click Finish to exit.

xampp installation finished

Running XAMPP Control Panel's Apache and MySQL

1. To open XAMPP, you can easily click its shortcut on your desktop. Or you can go to search and type xampp and press ENTER.

search for xampp app windows

2. Inside XAMPP Control Panel, click the Start buttons for Apache and MySQL.

start xampp apache mysql server

3. Apache and MySQL should be both running now when you see both their buttons are showing Stop.

xampp apache mysql server are running

4. If a Windows Security Alert appears, just press "Allow access" to proceed.

allow access to xampp in windows defender firewall

Copying Dotclear installer to HTDOCS folder

1. Now, we need to copy and paste the Dotclear installation folder to htdocs folder inside xampp directory. Make sure to extract first the file and name your folder as dotclear for this tutorial. Go to This PC.

search for this pc windows 11

2. Inside This PC, click your C drive.

windows 11 c drive

3. Inside your C drive, find and click xampp.

xampp folder located in c drive windows 11

4. Inside xampp folder, click htdocs.

htdocs folder located in xampp folder c drive windows 11

5. Now, paste your dotclear folder inside htdocs.

copy and pasting dotclear folder inside htdocs folder

Creating Dotclear Database on XAMPP phpMyAdmin

1. Open your internet browser. In the address bar, type and press ENTER.

accessing xampp localhost using chrome

2. Now, find and click phpMyAdmin.

accessing xampp phpmyadmin

3. Inside phpMyAdmin, click Databases.

phpmyadmin creating database for dotclear

4. In the Create database, name your database as dotclear_db for this tutorial and do not change the utf8mb4_general_ci. Press Create to continue.

naming and dotclear database localhost

5. In the Create new table, name your table as dotclear_table and do not change change 4 in the number of columns. Press Create again.

naming and creating dotclear database table localhost

6. For Structure name, name it dotclear. Type is already set to INT.

structure name dotclear database localhost

7. For Collation, find and select utf8_unicode_ci and leave all the other fields as blank.

structure collation dotclear database localhost

8. Save your work.

save dotclear database structure localhost

Dotclear installation via Localhost or

1. Open your internet browser again (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc.). In the address bar, enter and press ENTER.

accessing dotclear installation folder using localhost chrome

2. Inside Dotclear installation Wizard, in the System information, Database host name is local, database name is dotclear_db, username is root, password is blank. Enter a valid email address. Press Continue to proceed.

dotclear installation wizard system information database configuration

3. In the User information, just fill up your First and Last name. Just re-enter your email address. For username and password, set your username to admin and enter your desired password. Do not forget these two because you will be needing both of them later to access your admin account.

dotclear installation user information

4. Wait for a moment and your Dotclear website is now installed.

dotclear installation finished

Accessing Dotclear website home page

1. To access your Dotclear website homepage, just go to or localhost/dotclear.

sample dotclear website homepage

Accessing Dotclear website ADMIN account

1. To access your Dotclear admin login page, just go to and press ENTER. Enter the username and password you created earlier and press the log in button to proceed.

sample dotclear website user login page

2. Inside your admin account, you will see there settings and configurations that are only available to you as the owner of your Dotclear website.

sample dotclear admin page

And you just successfully created your Dotclear website free and easy. I do hope you have learned a lot while doing this tutorial guys.

If you have a question, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Thank you!

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