How to install GetSimple CMS in XAMPP Windows 11

GetSimple CMS is another content management system which is free, simple and easy to use. It was developed by Chris Cagle and GetSimple Team and was first (stable) released on March 3, 2020. And for this post, we are going to make another simple website out of it. But first, you need to download the given two files below.


After downloading the files above, continue doing the tutorials below.

Table of Contents

  • XAMPP installation on Windows 11
  • Running XAMPP Control Panel's Apache and MySQL
  • Copying GetSimple CMS installer to HTDOCS folder
  • GetSimple CMS installation via Localhost or
  • Accessing GetSimple CMS website home page
  • Accessing GetSimple CMS website ADMIN account

Here are the steps on how to install GetSimple CMS in XAMPP using your Windows 11 pc

XAMPP installation on Windows 11

1. Go to the XAMPP file that you downloaded earlier. Double-click the file to initiate the installation. If a question appears about antivirus running, press YES to proceed.

xampp installation warning about antivirus

2. If a warning appears about User Account Control (UAC), click on OK.

xampp installation warning about user account control windows

3. In the Setup - XAMPP, click NEXT.

welcome to xampp setup wizard witn next button

4. In the Select Components, click NEXT again.

xampp installation select components

5. In the Installation folder, click NEXT.

xampp installation select a folder to install xampp

6. In the Language, select English (you can also select your own local language if you like). Press NEXT again to proceed.

select language for xampp installation

7. You are now ready to install XAMPP. Click NEXT to proceed.

xampp installation ready to begin

8. Wait for the installation and unpacking to finish.

xampp installation in progress unpacking files

9. When done, uncheck the "Do you want to start the Control Panel now?" and click Finish to exit.

xampp installation finished

Running XAMPP Control Panel's Apache and MySQL

1. To open XAMPP, you can double-click its shortcut on desktop or go to Start and search for xampp and then press ENTER.

search for xampp app windows

2. Inside XAMPP Control Panel, click the Start buttons for Apache and MySQL.

start xampp apache mysql server

3. Apache and MySQL are both running now if you see two Stop buttons.

xampp apache mysql server are running

4. If a Windows Security Alert appears, just press Allow access to exit.

allow access to xampp in windows defender firewall

Copying GetSimple CMS installer to HTDOCS folder

1. Now go back to the GetSimple file you downloaded earlier. Extract it and name your extracted folder as getsimplecms for this tutorial. Go to Start and search for "this pc" and press ENTER.

search for this pc windows 11

2. Inside This PC, click your C drive.

windows 11 c drive

3. Inside, click the xampp folder.

xampp folder located in c drive windows 11

4. Then click htdocs inside xampp folder.

htdocs folder located in xampp folder c drive windows 11

5. Paste your getsimplecms folder inside htdocs.

copying getsimple cms installer inside xampp htdocs folder

GetSimple CMS installation via Localhost or

1. GetSimple CMS do not require database. We are now going to install it. Open your internet browser. In the address bar, enter and press ENTER.

accessing getsimple installation folder using internet browser via localhost

2. In the GetSimple Installation's first page, it contains some library, module, as well as PHP version that is automatically checked by the installer (see image below). Click Continue with Setup button to proceed.

getsimple installation configurations

3. Next, name your website, and enter admin as your username. For email address, just enter even a dummy one and press the Install Now! button to proceed.

getsimple installation website name username and email

4. You will see an error, just ignore it. But get your admin password. I repeat, get your password. When done, click the Login here link.

getsimple website admin username and password

5. You are automatically login inside your admin account. Click the "change your password" link.

getsimple website change default password

6. Enter a new password and confirm it. Do not forget your password. When done, press the Save Settings button to save your new admin password.

getsimple user account new password

7. You have successfully changed your password.

getsimple website account password successfully changed

Accessing GetSimple CMS website home page

1. To access your GetSimple website homepage, just go to and press ENTER. You can also replace with localhost.

sample getsimple website homepage

Accessing GetSimple CMS website ADMIN account

1. To login your GetSimple website admin account, just go to and press ENTER. Type your username and password. Press Login to proceed.

getsimple website user login page

2. See the sample administration account page below. It has the the control on your GetSimple website Pages, Files, Theme, Backups and Plugins. 

sample getsimple administration page

Done! You have successfully created a free GetSimple CMS website which is way too easy. You can now start making pages and posts to make it look more descent and neat and upload it later on a live or online web hosting site (if you have) for the world to see.

Thank you for reading this post guys, I do hope that you have learned a lot. If you have a question, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Cheers!

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