How to install b2evolution in web hosting

For this tutorial, we are going to install b2evolution CMS in our web hosting account for free. We will be using 000webhost to be able to make our b2evolution website accessible on the internet. If you already purchased a web hosting with cpanel, then, you can still follow the tutorials below because the steps will be just almost the same as well. To start, you need to download the given files below. We will need these files to install b2evolution.


After downloading the files above, continue doing the tutorials below.

Table of Contents

  • Registering for a Free Web Hosting Account with Cpanel
  • Uploading b2evolution and unzipper.php files using Web Host File Manager
  • Creating needed database needed for b2evolution installation
  • Installation of b2evolution CMS manually
  • Accessing b2evolution website homepage
  • Accessing b2evolution website admin account

Here are the steps on how to install b2evolution manually in a web hosting account free

Registering for a Free Web Hosting Account with Cpanel

1. Open your web browser and go to

register for a free online web hosting account with cpanel

2. Inside, click Get Started and then find "Free Web Hosting". Click FREE SIGN UP to proceed.

selecting 000webhost com free registration

3. Under Sign Up, enter a valid email address and then your password. Press Sign Up to confirm.

signup for 000webhost free account

4. A confirmation email was sent to your email. Open your email.

verificatiom email sent by 000webhost to email used

5. Click the verification button or link to proceed.

verifying 000webhost account registration

6. After you verified your account, click Get Started.

000webhost registration successfully verified

7. In the "What would you like to do?", just press Other.

000webhost account welcome screen

8. Skip Chrome installation.

skip google chrome download 000webhost

9. Under "Name Your Project", just give it a name that you like and then enter your password (do not forget your password). Press Submit to proceed.

name your 000webhost project or website

10. In the "Choose your weapon of mass creation" select "Upload your site."

000webhost upload feature

11. You are now inside your web host File Manager. There, you will see your public_html. In XAMPP, this is called htdocs while in other web hosting, this can be the www or the so-called root folder.

000webhost account public_html directory

12. In your web browser, open a new tab and go to

accessing 000webhost account list of website

13. The link on STEP 12 will redirect you to your "My Websites" page. Inside, you will see there the project that you just named in STEP 9. Make sure its Status is already running. Below the status, you find your website subdomain link.

000webhost account website list

14. And hovering your mouse pointer on your project website will give you a hidden "Manage Website" link. Press that link to proceed.

managing a 000webhost account website

15. Inside Manage Website, click Tools.

000webhost website tools

16. Then under Tools, you will see the File Manager link (that we already accessed earlier) and the Database Manager. We are both going to use these two later. I am only introducing both for now, so that you know where to find them later when we need them. Continue to the NEXT tutorial below.

000webhost site file and database manager tools

Uploading b2evolution and unzipper.php files using Web Host File Manager

1. Back inside your Manage Website Tools, click File Manager.

website file manager

2. Now, click the Upload Files button.

upload files using 000webhost file manager

3. Inside, click public_html folder.

accessing 000webhost file manager root public_html directory

4. If there is a .htaccess file, delete it.

deleting .htaccess inside public_html directory

5. After deleting .htaccess, click the Upload icon to proceed.

clicking upload button to start uploading files

6. Under Upload files, click Select Files to proceed.

selecting files to upload using file manager

7. Browse the b2evolution zip file and unzipper.php file that you downloaded earlier. When done, click the Upload button to start uploading both files in your web host.

uploading selected files into public_html directory

8. Wait for the uploading to finish.

uploading files via 000webhost file manager underway

9. When done, you will see both files inside your public_html directory by now.

successfully uploaded files inside website public_html directory

10. Go back to "My Sites".

accessing 000webhost my site

11. Then, click your website link.

accessing your site link

12. You will now see your website which is still under construction. Add /unzipper.php to your website link and press ENTER.

editing your site link by adding unzipper.php on it

13. You are now inside Archive Unzipper page. The b2volution zip file is automatically selected in the "Select .zip or .rar archive or .gz file that you want to extract" already. Now, press "Unzip Archive" to extract all the contents of your b2evolution file inside your public_html directory.

unzipping uploaded zip file into public_html directory using unzipper

14. Wait for some time and all the content of your zip file will be extracted automatically.

successfully unzipped zip file to public_html directory

15. Go back to your public_html directory and press the "Refresh" button.

refresh public_html directory to view the extracted folder

16. You will notice that there is a new folder named "b2evolution" inside it now. Proceed to the NEXT tutorial below.

successfully updated list of files inside public_html directory

Creating needed database needed for b2evolution installation

1. We need a database to be able to install b2evolution CMS. Go back to your Manage Website Tools and click Database Manager.

accessing site database manager tool

2. Under My Databases, click +New Database to proceed.

creating new database needed for site installation

3. In the Create new database, do the following: Database name - b2evolution. Database username - b2evolution_user. Password - your desired database password (do not forget it). When done, press Create to proceed.

naming database and user

4. Wait for your Database to be created.

creating database

5. When done, you will now see your database details. You have there your DB Name, DB User, and DB Host. Click the Manage button and then PhpMyAdmin to proceed.

accessing phpmyadmin of database created

6. Inside phpMyAdmin, click your b2evolution database.

adding table to database created

7. Then in the Create table, name your table as "b2evolution_table" and set 4 as the columns value. Press Go to proceed.

naming database table

8. In the structure or field, name it as "b2evolution" and set Type to INT.

naming table field or structure

9. For Collation set it to utf8_unicode_ci and leave all the other fields untouched.

setting database table collation to utf8_unicode_ci

10. Press Save to save your database.

saving database

Installation of b2evolution CMS manually

1. We are now ready install our b2evolution CMS. Go back to your "My Site" page, then click your website link again.

managing a site

2. Edit your website link now. Just add /b2evolution and press ENTER to proceed.

editing site link to start installation

3. You are now inside b2evolution installation page. Under "Base configuration is not done", jut press the "here" link to proceed.

b2evolution installation welcome page

4. In Language/Locale, select English.

b2evolution installation select language

5. Under Base configuration in the "Database you want to install into" do the following: MySQL Host/Server - localhost. MySQL Database - idxxxxxxxx_b2evolution. MySQL Username - idxxxxxxxx_b2evolution_user. MySQL Password - your database password. The details that needed here are found in STEP 5 of Creating database above if you are confused.

b2evolution installation database settings

6. In the Additional settings, just leave the Base URL and enter a valid email address under Your email.

b2evolution installation update config file

7. Under "How would you like your b2evolution installed?", select "New Install" and press NEXT to proceed.

b2evolution installation new install option

8. In the "b2evolution installation options", check "Create a demo website" then select "Complex Site, including multiple collections:" (see image below). When done, click INSTALL button to start the installation.

b2evolution installation create demo site

9. Wait for the installation to finish.

b2evolution installation underway

10. And you just successfully installed b2evolution CMS. A popup message will appear which contains your admin username and random password. You will also see there details below the current page. Get your password and copy it on a Notepad because it is really hard to remember.

successfully installed b2evolution

Accessing b2evolution website homepage

1. To access your b2evolution website homepage, go to your website main link and just add /b2evolution/index.php on it.

sample b2evolution website homepage

Accessing b2evolution website admin account

1. To access your admin account login page, just go to your main website link and add /b2evolution/evoadm.php on it.

sample b2evolution admin login page

2. Just login your account with the username admin and the auto-generated password and press Login to proceed. Then press Continue to go inside your admin account.

login b2evolution admin username and password

3. Below is an example of b2evolution website administration page account.

sample b2evolution website administration account page

There you have it! You just installed b2evolution CMS using a free web hosting. I cannot provide a live link for installation because of the limited resources provided by a free 000webhost account. But what matters is that you have some ideas now on how to do it by yourself. If you have a question regarding this tutorial, just leave a comment below. Thank you and God bless!

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