How to install TYPO3 in XAMPP Windows 11

Typo3 is a free content management system originally created by Kasper Skårhøj. It was initially released in 1998. It's current developer is TYPO3 Association. According to its developer, TYPO3 installations in 2017 was around 384,000 and over 500,000 in 2022. For this post, we are going to create, yet another cool website with amazing backend using TYPO3. To start, you need to download the XAMPP and TYPO3 installers below.


Assuming that you downloaded the files above, continue to the tutorials below.

Table of Contents

  • XAMPP Installation
  • Opening XAMPP and running Apache and MySQL
  • Copying and pasting TYPO3 folder inside htdocs
  • Creating empty needed database for TYPO3 installation via phpmyAdmin
  • Installing TYPO3 website using localhost via web browser
  • Opening TYPO3 website homepage
  • Accessing TYPO3 website admin page

Here are the steps on how to install TYPO3 website using XAMPP in Windows pc

XAMPP Installation

1. Open the XAMPP file that you downloaded. If a Question regarding antivirus running appears, click Yes to proceed.

xampp installation warning about antivirus

2. If a Warning appears, click OK to proceed.

xampp installation warning about user account control windows

3. Under Setup - XAMPP, click NEXT to proceed.

welcome to xampp setup wizard witn next button

4. In the Select Components, click NEXT again. Do not change anything.

xampp installation select components

5. In the Installation folder, click NEXT again and do not change the default XAMPP location.

xampp installation select a folder to install xampp

6. Under Language, select English and press NEXT to proceed.

select language for xampp installation

7. We are now ready to install XAMPP. Press NEXT to proceed.

xampp installation ready to begin

8. Wait for the installation to finish.

xampp installation in progress unpacking files

9. When done, press Finish to exit installer.

xampp installation finished

Opening XAMPP and running Apache and MySQL

1. To open XAMPP, go to This PC > C drive > xampp folder > and press xampp-control.exe file.

accessing xampp-control.exe directory to open xampp cpanel

2. Inside XAMPP Control Panel, click the Start buttons for Apache and MySQL.

start xampp apache mysql server

3. Apache and MySQL are both running now if you see two Stop buttons.

xampp apache mysql server are running

4. If a Windows Security Alert appears, just press Allow access.

allow access to xampp in windows defender firewall

Copying and pasting TYPO3 folder inside htdocs

1. Extract the TYPO3 zip file that you downloaded. Rename the extracted folder as "typo3". Copy your typo3 folder and go to This PC.

search for this pc windows 11

2. Inside This PC, open your C drive.

windows 11 c drive

3. Inside C, open xampp folder.

xampp folder located in c drive windows 11

4. Inside xampp, open htdocs.

htdocs folder located in xampp folder c drive windows 11

5. Paste typo3 folder inside htdocs.

copying typo3 installer inside xampp htdocs folder

Creating needed empty database for TYPO3 installation via phpmyAdmin

1. We need an empty database for TYPO3 installation. To create one, open your web browser and go to and press ENTER.

accessing xampp localhost using web browser

2. Inside, click phpMyAdmin.

accessing xampp phpmyadmin

3. Inside phpMyAdmin, click Databases.

phpmyadmin creating database for typo3

4. In the Create database, name it as typo3_db. Next to it set the charset to utf8mb4_unicode_ci and press Create to finish and then close phpMyAdmin.

naming and creating typo3 database localhost

Installing TYPO3 website using localhost via web browser

1. We are now ready to install our TYPO3 website. To start, open your web browser and go to and press ENTER.

accessing typo3 installation folder via xampp localhost using web browser

2. If you downloaded the TYPO3 zip file above that I provided, then you can skip this step and go to STEP 4 already because I already included an empty FIRST_INSTALL file inside it. If not, then, you need to create one first.

typo3 installation create empty first_install file inside root directory

3. When you created your FIRST_INSTALL file, you need to save it inside your typo3 folder located in This PC > C drive > xampp > htdocs > typo3.

successfully created first_install file inside typo3 root directory

4. Under Environment Overview, in "Problems Detected", I got 5 errors or warnings that needed to be fixed. First, the "Current directory is not within PHP include path". To fix this error, do the tutorial below.

How to fix "Current directory (./) is not within PHP include path - include_path = C:\xampp\php\PEAR"

  • Go to c:\xampp\php and find php.ini
  • Right-click open with Notepad
  • Find "include_path=C:\xampp\php\PEAR"
  • From include_path=C:\xampp\php\PEAR change it to include_path=".;C:\xampp\php\PEAR"
  • Save php.ini (File > Save)
  • Restart XAMPP (Stop Apache and MySQL, then restart both)
typo3 installation error current directory is not within php include_path

5. Do the same for "Low PHP script execution time - max_execution_time=120". Find "max_execution_time=120" inside php.ini. and change 120 to 240. Then, Stop Apache and MySQL, then restart both.

typo3 installation error low php script execution time max_execution_time

6. Still inside your php.ini file, to fix the "PHP max_input_vars very low - max_input_vars=1000" just change the value from 1000 to 1500. Do not forget to Stop your MySQL and Apache and Start again to apply the changes.

typo3 installation error php max_vars very low max_input_vars

7. Same goes for the "PHP extension 'intl' not loaded", just find ;extension=intl inside your php.ini file and change it to extension=intl (just remove the semicolon to activate it).  Restart both MySQL and Apache again.

typo3 installation error php extension intl not loaded

8. Lastly for "Windows apache thread stack size". Do the tutorial below.

Go to your XAMPP Control Panel

Next to Apache Admin button is Config, click Config.

In the menu that will appear, click Apache (httpd.conf)

Your httpd.conf file will be opened inside a Notepad

Go to Edit > Find and search for Include conf/extra/httpd-mpm.conf and press ENTER.

Below Include conf/extra/httpd-mpm.conf, copy and paste the this line of code:

<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
ThreadStackSize 8388608

You should have the same line of codes as below when you are done.

Include conf/extra/httpd-mpm.conf
<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
ThreadStackSize 8388608

Go to File > Save to save your httpd.conf file.

Stop Apache and Re-start it again.

typo3 installation error windows apache thread stack size

9. Now, click the "Scan environment again" button.

typo3 scan environment

10. If the "Windows apache thread stack size" is still appearing, just ignore it and press Continue with errors to proceed.

continue typo3 installation

11. In the Select database, do the following: Connection - [MySQLi] Manually configured MySQL TCP/IP connection. Username - root. Password - blank or none. Host - Port - 3306. When done, press CONTINUE to proceed.

typo3 installation select database

12. Under Select a database, do the following: Select "Use an existing empty database" and below it, select typo3_db. When done, press Continue.

typo3 installation select empty database

13. Under "Create Administrative User & Specify Site Name" do the following: Username - admin. Password - your desired admin password (do not forget it). Email address - enter a valid one. Site name - give a name for your site.

typo3 installation create admin user and site name

14. Wait for the installation to finish.

creating admin user and site name underway

15. Installation is now completed.

successfully installed typo3

16. Next, select "Yes, downloaded the list of distributions" and press "Open the TYPO3 Backend" to continue.

download list of distributions and open typo3 backend

17. In the login form, enter your username and password and press Login to proceed.

enter typo3 admin username and password

18. Inside your admin account, in the "Get preconfigured distribution" click the Install button for "The Official TYPO3 Introduction Package".

install official typo3 introduction package

19. Wait for the installation to finish. When done, you will see a Congratulations... message.

successfully installed official typo3 introduction package

20. Still inside your admin account, under Site Management, click Sites.

access sites under site management in typo3 admin account

21. In the Site Configuration, click "Add new site configuration for this site".

add new site config typo3 website

22. Now, under General tab do the following: Website title - give your site a title. Entry Point - you can type same as mine which is Site Identifier - give your site an identifier. Press Save to save your config.

general site config

23. Now, click the Languages tab. For Title - just re-type your site title. Locale - type en_US.UTF-8. Leave all the other fields blank or empty.

language site config

24. Press Save again to save your configs, and then Close to exit.

save and close added general and language configs

25. You have successfully configured your TYPO3 website.

successfully added new site

Opening TYPO3 website homepage

1. To open your TYPO3 website homepage, just go to or localhost/typo3.

sample typo3 website homepage

Accessing TYPO3 website admin page

1. To access your TYPO3 website admin login page, just go to

sample typo3 user login page

2. Here is an example of your TYPO3 Backend or Administrator account. This administration page is only available to you as the owner and admin of your website.

sample typo3 administration account

This tutorial is quite a long one, and I do hope you have learned a lot while doing this. If you have a question, you can leave a comment below. Thank you!

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