Metrobank: Your device is either rooted or jailbroken

If you cannot install the Metrobank Mobile Banking app on your mobile phone because it says:

Device security alert:

Your device is either rooted or jailbroken. Using this device puts you at risk of information theft, faulty software, and unreliable phone performance.

For your safety and security, the Metrobank Mobile App cannot be used on this device.

metrobank mobile app device security alert: your device is either rooted or jailbroken

This is just a minor error and all you need to do is disable the Developer Optionsof your mobile phone.

See tutorial below for the fix.

How to fix Metrobank: Device security alert; Your device is either rooted or jailbroken and be able to open your account using your android phone?

✅ Find and press Settings on your phone. If you are using different phone, see different steps below. For this tutorial, I am using my Tecno Mobile android phone.

android phone settings

✅ Now, find and press System.

android phone system

✅ Inside System, press Developer Options.

android phone developer options

✅ As of now, the Developer options is turned ON.

developer options turned on

✅ Just swipe the button to turn it OFF.

developer options turned off

Open your Metrobank Mobile app again, and you can access it now because the device security alert message is gone.

metrobank device security alert is gone

✅ Done!

Here are the other phone brands steps on how to access Developer Options

For Samsung, Realme,Xiaomi, Google, OnePlus, LG, Sonyphones to access Developer Options:
✅ Go to Settings > About Phone

Oppo phones:
✅ Settings > Additional Settings > Developer options

Asus phones:
✅ Settings > About > Software information

Tecno Mobile, Motorola, iTel phones:
✅ Settings > System

Cherry Mobile phones:
✅ Settings > About device

iPhone phones:
✅Settings > Privacy & Security

Infinix, Lenovo phones:
✅Settings >My phone

Vivo phones:
✅ Settings > More settings > About phone (>Version)

Nokia, Huawei phones:
✅ Settings > System > About phone

If you have questions, leave a comment below. Cheers!

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