How to Transfer Blog to Another Google Account

If you want to transfer a Blogspot subdomain or even a top-level domain with a parked Blogspot on into another Blogger account, you can do so by following the simple steps below.

To be able to transfer a Blogspot from another Blogger account, you need two Blogger accounts. First is Blogger that owns the Blogspot and second is the Blogger where the Blogspot will be transferred to. You should have access to both the two Blogger accounts to be able to access the Settings. You can only access the Settings of the original owner of the Blogspot that will be transferred under your own

Blogger if you are also an Admin of that Blogger. Good thing, I will also show you how to do that in the steps below.

How to transfer Blogspot into another Blogger account

Here are the steps to be able to easily transfer a Blog to another Google account.

✅ Login on the Blogger account of the Blogspot that you want to transfer. Go to Settings.

Accessing Blogger Setting

✅ Find Permissions section and click Invite more authors.

Invite more authors under Permission of Blogger Settings

✅ In the Emails to invite, type the email of the Blogger where the Blogspot will be transferred to and press SEND.

Type the email of the author to be invited

✅ You will now see in the Permissions, under Pending author invites the email address that you just invited.

Pending author invites under Permission Settings

✅ Open the email address to view the invitation message. Open that message. If you can't see inside your main Inbox, try opening your Spam or Junk folder.

Sent email invite to the email address

✅ Inside the message, press the Accept Invitation button.

Email with the Accept invitation button

✅ Then, in the You have been invited to contribute to a blog, press the Accept invitation again.

Confirming the Accept invitation button as Blogger author

✅ Back to first Blogger account, Refresh it first, then go to Settings > Permissions. Click Blog admins and authors.

Refreshing the Blogger page to see that there is no pending invites remaining

Going to Blogger settings under Permissions, Blog admin & authors

✅ Under Blog admins and authors, from Author change the the invited Blog author into Admin.

Blog admins and authors list

✅ You will now see that both the original admin and the invited admin are both Admin now.

Changing the author into an admin of the Blogger account

✅ Press the X button of the original admin to make the Blogspot lone owner is the new Admin.

Removing the original owner of the Blogger account

✅ The original owner or admin of the Blogger is now removed. Press Save to continue.

Blogger account has been transferred to the invited and new admin

✅ Done! You have successfully transferred a Blogspot to another Blogger account. The original owner of the Blogspot can no longer access the Blogspot because he was removed as the admin of that Blogspot. You can check the transferred Blogspot inside your own Blogger account now.

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